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The Blowlight - Because Plants Like It Windy!

A Chandelier Mount Grow Light with Fan

Full-spectrum plant light also provides air circulation to
promote evaporation, transpiration, and strong stem
development. Wind helps plants produce fiber and stimulates
vigorous growth.

Indoor growing environments create the perfect conditions
for the growth of destructive mold. Discharging humidity and
introducing fresh air is only a partial solution. Most grow
rooms will also feature a number of fans strategically placed
to provide adequate wind velocity to encourage transpiration
of the plants, and evaporation of moisture from the soil or
soil-free growing medium.

IMG_1153 (2).JPG

Benefits Of The Combination

Seedlings grown without sufficient wind exposure develop weak stems
and will often require extra protection to harden them off for transplanting
outdoors. If grown out indoors, weak-stemmed plants often collapse under
the weight of their own flowers, necessitating extensive staking and
trellising. Some growers have observed that satisfactory fibrous stem
development also appears to produce tougher skin on the stems,
making them more resistant to insect damage and fungal attack.

A stand of plants clustered beneath a light presents a circulation
problem; the plants on the periphery of the group form a windbreak that
absorbs the velocity of the airflow from fans blowing at them from the
sides. The plants in the middle receive little benefit from the airflow, so the
response is usually extensive pruning and more fans. Having a single, vertically-mounted fan blowing straight down at the middle of the group of plants achieves the best penetration of the foliage from tip to soil and then outward between the trunks, thus avoiding
competing fans blowing against each other.


COB lights are much more efficient than incandescents and produce far less
waste heat, but need a little cooling nonetheless. Most have a small internal
fan and get no cooling from the fans blowing at the plants. Likewise, the
plants get no benefit from the fan in the light which is blowing the other way.


The Blowlight eliminates the competition for ceiling real estate between the
fan and the light by eliminating the extra fans and combining fan and light in
one unit. While also delivering superior air circulation via the vertical-mounted
fan, saving money spent on lights and fans, and the cost of operating both.

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